Stretch is currently OPEN for poetry submissions!

We accept poetry submissions on all topics, from cardboard boxes to the creation of the universe! From the strange to the mundane, anything goes!

If you’d like your work considered please follow all these guidelines.

  • Single space all poetry
  • Submit your work in a single word document
  • If submitting multiple poems, do so in one document with each poem on it’s own page.
  • You can submit up to 6 poems at a time.
  • There is no length limit.
  • Do NOT include your name anywhere on the word document.
  • Include a brief (70 words max) bio in the body of your email, not in the word document.

We encourage simultaneous submissions but please notify us ASAP if your submission has been published elsewhere first so we can label it as such. For our maiden issue, we will be accepting previously published work as long as you notify us where it has been published previously and whether we have the rights to publish it.

All submissions should be emailed to

All submissions are judged anonymously. To avoid any sort of bias in the selection of poems, the email account in which we receive submissions is monitored and maintained by a submission screener who has no other part in the selection process. He makes sure the submissions follow all guidelines and sends them forward to our editor, who chooses the poems for the issues. This way the editor does not know who has sent which poems until it is time to put together the final issue. This is also why we ask that you include your brief bio statement in the body of the email.

Please be patient with response times as we have only one volunteer editor and one submission screener.

We are considering submissions for the second issue until October 1st, 2020. Submissions after this date will be considered for the third issue.